Adieu Paris

Les Fils de Joie – Adieu Paris (1982)

How should one say goodbye to Paris? With rope or gas? From the Eiffel Tower or the Montparnasse Tower? These are the questions Les Fils de Joie asks in this beautiful song about ending one’s life: “I bring nothing to humanity, I preferred to slip away…”

De mon vivant
Je n’ai rien produit
Je n’ai rien écrit
Ni fait d’important
Ho ho ho ho hoo c’est bien fini
Howo ho ho
N’importe comment
Je n’y ai jamais pensé vraiment

In my lifetime
I have produced nothing
I’ve written anything
Neither is important

In 1994, Debord committed suicide in Champot, Upper Loire. It was not his first attempt, having tried to asphyxiate himself once before in 1955. His ashes were scattered on the point of Ile de la Cité, Paris. The French press promptly made him a celebrity, never before having acknowledged the significance of the Situationist International or Debord’s work.


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