Favorite Video of the Week: Offlaga Disco Pax

Robespierre-Offlaga Disco Pax

I’ve been reading and obsessed with the book The Savage Detectives and this song sort of captures the spirit of the book in a frenetic way.

(translation from a youtube comment with minor changes by me)

I’ve made my second grade exam in 1975
socialism was like the universe:in expansion
the teacher asked me of Max Robespierre
I told her that Jacobins were right despite the terror
the French Revolution was right indeed
She made no more questions
But we also have many remembrances of that little old world fogazzaro
The 300 hundred points Space Invaders spaceship
Enrico Berlinguer on TV
The Olympic winnings of Alberto Juan Torena in the name
of the Cuban revolution

The Sandinista power in Nicaragua
The cathechist who voted for Pannella
The friends who went from smoking marlboro to heroin (and then they say “the light drugs!”)
Zora’s comic porn
and the prince without return
The divorce referendum
and we didn’t understand why if ‘NO’ would have won the divorce, if it had been ‘YES,’ it wouldn’t

Anna Oxa at San Remo’s festival dressed like a London punk
The Van Halen
The first hand job
My neighbour, a transvestite called Lola, which my mum used to call Antonio to our major astonishment
Jarmila Kratochivilova
the Toblerone
anybody knows why
A slogan of Reggiana’s Ultras after the American raid on Tripoli in the eighties-it said “Thanks Reagan! Bomb Parma for us!”
And then our fantastic toponomastic
Karl Marx street…
(list of revolutionary street names follows…)

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