Favorite Video of the Week: Animated Blocks

Go Mr Sunshine-Remi Nicole

I once heard this interview with John Waters where he said he loves any song sung by girls that sound as if they had a cold. I totally agree. I’m glad to see plastic crates can be used for more than just books and record.

Ankle Injuries-Fujiya & Miyagi

Once in rare while I might think of myself as creative and then I watch videos like this and realize I have so little talent.

Milk Crisis-The Go! Team

I knew I forgot one. More happy music.

LA, CA, USA-Stereototal

One more! And finally a chance to include a clip from one of my all time favorite bands, Stereototal!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: Animated Blocks

  1. Chimatli says:

    Thanks for checking out the videos, human! I’ve been a bit crazy lately with finding new music (new to my ears) as I’ve gotten sick of all my old stuff. I then get really excited and want to share it with everyone.
    Thanks too for the link, that’s awesome and I wasn’t familiar with ascii art. I’m sending the link to my brother who is one of those Star Wars nerds. I can say that cause he never reads my blog! Haha!

  2. human says:

    in my college circles, ascii art was a minor obsession amongst some. if you ever saw “you and me and everyone we know” (“))((“) the kids in that movie were doing ascii art. when i was young, i think there were some malls that would do ascii art printouts on that green and white striped paper with holes in the perforated strips along the edges as cheap, but “wow, look at this technology” portraits. that star wars vid is probably the most legendary one though.

    in any case, i like the videos you posted better than any ascii art i’ve seen and the music is way better than the dream theater and yngwie malmsteem the ascii art enthusiasts i knew would play.

  3. human says:

    awww, damn. i guess wordpress thought the left angle brace immediately followed by a right angle brace was an empty html tag. anyhow, to get the effect of the “you and me and everyone we know” ascii picture, type two right parentheses, a left angle brace (shift with the key just right of “m” aka “less than”), a right angle brace and two left parentheses. or just watch the movie. it’s a lot more clear there.

    maybe this will work: ))<>((

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