Never Give Up

Nocturnal Emissions-Never Give Up

I’ve sensed the endtime-ish mood in the air. Apocalypse is so 2010! Never give up.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Deaths of birds and fish en masse stir end-times theories
Bizarre reports of washed-up fish and downed birds have many people scratching their heads, and jumping to conclusions.

When the term “dead fish” became a top Google search Wednesday, soaring past the likes of Lindsay Lohan and leaving Justin Bieber in its scaly wake, it looked as if the end were near.

That’s what everyone was saying, anyway.

After millions of tiny fish went belly up in Chesapeake Bay this week, much of the populace immediately dismissed the official scientific explanation (the water was just too darn cold). What made more sense, they reasoned?

The approaching apocalypse. Of course.

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