Favorite Video of the Week: Goombay Dance Band

El Dorado-Goombay Dance Band Spanish TV, 1978

Wait a minute! [cue: needle scratching record]
Two posts about books?! What happened to the cheesy music you’ve come to love this blog for? How could I disappoint all of my five, uh four readers? I know what will placate you – this fabulous video by the Goombay Dance Band, a German knock-off of Boney M (they were German too) complete with the social commentary lyrics and disco dance beat. How can I not love a song I can dance to and be proud to sing along with? Check out these lyrics:

They came 500 years ago
They stole the gold of Mexico
Killed the people one by one
Only talking with their guns
Brave men locked on iron chains
All young mothers sold as slaves
Babies crying through the night
Will they ever see a light

Golden dreams of Eldorado
All have drowned in seas of pain and blood
Golden dreams of Eldorado
May come true but only in your heart

Perhaps you’re thinking along the lines of this Youtube comment left on the El Dorado video: “esta mierda te gusta?
Well, there’s also a Czech version which interpreted the song as old country tune, complete with banjo, slide guitar and sung by an old professor (by the looks of it.)
Waldemar MatuÅ¡ka – Eldorádo

Whoa, I just realized that the “they” in the song, refers to the audience of Spanish people he’s singing too!

Part three of The Year in Books coming soon!

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