Kid Sister

Kid Sister – Big N Bad

Never disregard dance music that comes outta Chicago and that includes Juke the up-tempo, electro-hop style of dance music that spawned one of my favorite female rhymers Kid Sister. (She got her name cause she was kid sister to her popular DJ brother, Flosstradamus founder, Josh Young.)
Not everyone is so hot on her music and imagine hip-hop purists probably grumble at stuff like this but I like her response:

I hate to be cheesy, but cheesy is kind of my thing. I’m not ashamed of it.

Recognize the sample in this song? It’s “Don’t Go” by Yaz

Kid Sister-Switchboard

B-side of her breakout hit, Pro-Nails which was released on Kanye West’s record label. Produced by Chi-town juke house hero DJ Gant Man.

The Count and Sinden feat. Kid Sister – Beeper

Another favorite from Kid Sister!

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