3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Chimatli says:

    Thanks Diego! I was hoping you would know and you didn’t disappoint! It’s nice to finally know someone who can answer these questions! 🙂
    My dad sent me this clip and was wondering about the song. I have a really hard time finding out the names of the songs I hear on the radio. Is there some kind of compilations put out of the popular songs you hear on Spanish radio? Like the kind you can find at swapmeets *wink. wink*? I always buy CD compilations when I go to Mexico but I haven’t looked too hard to find them here.

  2. soledadenmasa says:

    Swap meets/Discotecas Linda/El mercadito are the way to go for compilations. I was lucky to have friends who downloaded music like crazy and were prone to sharing.

    the great thing about México is that they sell data discs full of music. Instead of getting fifteen songs in a disc, I got a Valentín Elizalde disc with 100 songs!

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