3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Chimatli says:

    Thanks Diego! I was hoping you would know and you didn’t disappoint! It’s nice to finally know someone who can answer these questions! 🙂
    My dad sent me this clip and was wondering about the song. I have a really hard time finding out the names of the songs I hear on the radio. Is there some kind of compilations put out of the popular songs you hear on Spanish radio? Like the kind you can find at swapmeets *wink. wink*? I always buy CD compilations when I go to Mexico but I haven’t looked too hard to find them here.

  2. soledadenmasa says:

    Swap meets/Discotecas Linda/El mercadito are the way to go for compilations. I was lucky to have friends who downloaded music like crazy and were prone to sharing.

    the great thing about MĂ©xico is that they sell data discs full of music. Instead of getting fifteen songs in a disc, I got a ValentĂ­n Elizalde disc with 100 songs!

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