Favorite Song of the Day: Bogus Totem Summer

Two guys from Glasgow, Scotland made this song. A song which I really enjoy. They didn’t make this video though.
I was in Glasgow for a week once in March, it was cold. I saw a Rangers-Celtic game on St Patrick’s Day in the university pub where pints of Guinness went flying across the room when the Celtics tied Rangers. I was told by a crying drunk Celtics fan “Ya don’t understand the passion!”
The next night, a drunk Glaswegian guy talked to me for like fifteen minutes at a rave at the People’s Palace, a museum for the working class of Scotland. For fifteen minutes in a glass house surrounded by palm trees that grow out in the open here in Los Angeles, this guy went on and on and I did not understand one single word he said but nodded my head like I did until he finally yelled “Yuh doonut unduhstand a single wud I’m saying!” I’m sorry, I replied. There were so many things I didn’t understand in Glasgow like Branston pickles, for instance.

People do lots of drugs in Glasgow…when they’re not drunk. In Glasgow was the first time I met poor White people. My friend (who went by the name DJ Loco, do you know him?) said I was from Mexico because he didn’t like Americans. Someone asked me how I spoke English so well. I would not recommend eating a burrito in Glasgow unless you like white rice wrapped up in a cold flour tortilla.

This is what they sound like.

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