The Future is Now


I was recently at a party where the itunes selection became tiresome and the party goers switched to dancing to videos on Youtube. The following conversation ensued:

[Guy walks into party, lots of girls dancing, he joins in]

Guy: Wait! Are we dancing to Youtube videos!?

Girls [in unison]: YES!!!

Guy [pauses and says thoughtfully]:
The future IS now…

I guarantee swiping moves from this video for your next dance party will make you oh so popular (if you’re concerned with that kind of thing.) Otherwise, just have fun!

And if you really want to know what else Brazilian artists in New York are up to, add this one to the mix:

Thanks Roberta!

5 thoughts on “The Future is Now

  1. Júlio says:

    The future really is now. I’ve once done the same thing at a party when the tunes got lame. There are some amazing videos on there.

  2. Chimatli says:

    Hmmm, curious what you think of the guy in the photo’s attire? You might prefer the boots. 🙂

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