Links: October 21, 2010

Why did the Crystal Cathedral go bankrupt? Perhaps these Crystal Cathedral statues might give a clue. And then there’s their ridiculously extravagant toilets:


Chaos in France as airports are blockaded during ninth day of rioting Mail Online, UK.
Lady Gaga has canceled her tour in France

I asked a French man the other day what he though of the strikes, riots and street protests going on at the moment in France. His reply:

“Protesting is in our blood.”


Greatest Aztec: New Mexica burial sites are uncovered at the Templo Mayor.


Adventures in Feministory: Voltairine de Cleyre, Anarchist without Adjectives, Bitch Magazine.


‎”There’s this idea that they are the agents of change, the true
revolutionaries, where the revolutionary change is to make
exclusive the pleasures that had potentially belonged to anyone in the
past, to celebrate the upwards redistribution of wealth.”

Not all hipsters arrive in the big cities flush with cash, but they
almost always possess some cultural capital, usually a university degree
and refined upbringing.”

Uk Guardian asks “Why do people hate hipsters?” Link here.
PoMo quandries…


The Slits at The Vortex, 1977

R.I.P. Ari Up of The Slits


Crazy 20 year old girl becomes Chief of Police in a town near Juarez, Mexico.

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