“No More Zoos, No More Cages…”

Zoo Animals on Wheels from the TV show Get A Life

Chris Elliot was one of those comedians who a bit ahead of his time and because of that, very few remember his ridiculously silly feature projects like the movie Cabin Boy and his short-lived TV show Get A Life. Cabin Boy is one of the few movies I can enjoy through repeated viewings (Fancy lad! Sharky!). Many were disappointed when Fox canceled his Get A Life show in the early 90s.

I happened across this clip from the show Get A Life which features an anti-zoo message presented in musical comedy form. It was a timely discovery. Just recently, I was talking to a friend about our mutual dislike for zoos. What a horrible thing, we opined, to take a living creature from it’s environment and lock it up behind steel bars. Neither do I care much for the more “humane” enclosures which are nothing but a pitiful simulacrum of the animals’ natural surroundings.  Funny though, we both conceded we quite enjoyed zoos as children.  Nostalgic feelings aside, this Waiting-for-Guffman-ish musical theater spoof  should be de rigueur for all future forms of political critique.

Sing-a-long lyrics:
Living in a zoo can be very sad
People stare at you and make you mad
‎Oh how I wonder what they would do,
if animals stared at them like they were in a zoo
How do you like it when we stare at you?
It doesn’t feel good now isn’t that true?

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