9 thoughts on “Latin Playboy 2

  1. ryan says:

    Nice documentation. A year later – and still nothing would make me happier than to make that place a bar.

    New Owner Preservation Rule #1: NO RESTORATION OF LETTERS – what falls, falls. I wait eagerly for the day when the sign reads simply, “I LAY”

  2. Chimatli says:

    Good rule, Ryan!
    Damn, someone needs to win the lottery already so we can get that place open! We already got the homebrew beer and vegan taco supply taken care of.

  3. El Random Hero says:

    I pass by it all the time too and always wondered what the deal was with that place. My guess is the landlord wants too much money for rent. Not to mention what it would cost to fix it up. Besides, there’s a liquor store right next to it so there goes that idea of opening a bar.

  4. elponk says:

    My boyfriend has always mentioned a bar on Gage that his Dad owned..We went to see and It was the Latin Playboy. He even worked there. It was open in the 90’s, but not for long.. Anyway a lot of drama went on the bar closed..If I had the money I would do something…I guess we all would. But yeah, its condition looks expensive the liquor store doesn’t help. I would do it anyway..It’s a great place.. I’m wanting to know who the owner is…Does anyone know?

  5. Javi says:

    I just past by this place the other day and all the letters are GONE! Looks like the rest of the survivning letters were removed and I looked around hoping some were on the floor but nothing. Maybe it’s a sign that something will happen to this building now.

  6. Chimatli says:

    No way! All the letters are gone? That’s a shame. I wonder if they were stolen? I’m gonna go check it out this weekend!

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