Favorite Song of the Day: Honeybane

Honey Bane – Girl On the Run (1979)

Strangely, I have never grown tired of the music put out by the band Crass or on their label Crass Records. In fact, the music seems even more relevant and fresh today. How that came to be, I don’t know but judging by the amount of Crass songs posted to my friend’s Facebook pages, I’d say I’m not the only one.

This song by Honeybane is a good example. I’ve listened to it a hundred times and my ears would be very happy through a hundred more listens. The siren guitar that breaks into the intense rhythm bass tells you to get ready for one badass song. The sound is very Crass-ish with the military style drums (and the addition of a coconut?) but more raw sounding due to the vocal stylings of a real girl on the run. Honeybane was a runaway who found refuge in the Crass commune.

Luscious Jackson liked this song so much they sampled it on their first album.

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