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Did you know Mexican music was popular with Yugoslavians in the 50s? I didn’t either! But here’s a webpage to prove it:
Jugoslovanska Mehika
It’s worth visiting for the album covers and mp3s. Ay, watch out Chente!

When we were in London many years ago, we went into a Turkish chip shop and there was a small crowd of veiled women gathered around an old TV which was blaring an unexpected tune. I peeked through them to see the infamously dingy Thalia in the opening credits of her hit telenovela Marimar. With the exception of the theme song, it was all dubbed into Turkish. It was a nice bit of familiarity so far from home.
I can’t say I felt the same way when we discovered a can of corn tortillas in the international food section of Harrod’s department store (appropriately located under the escalator in the basement). Yes, a can of corn tortillas for 10 pounds (like $15 dollars).

Apparently, older Germans also like Mexican music:

Fiesta Mexicana!

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