Favorite Video of the Week: The Brat

Catholic High School-The Brat, 1983?

The Brat is an early 1980s Eastside Punk band from right here in Lincoln Heights. Theresa Covarrubias is singing about her alma matter, Sacred Heart High School.
I wish they’d have more concerts at the Lincoln Park Boathouse
A very good interview of The Brat by longtime Eastside punker Jimmy Alvarado can be found here:
Check out Razorcake Magazine while you’re at it!

5 thoughts on “Favorite Video of the Week: The Brat

  1. EL CHAVO! says:

    Ah, back when kids still wanted to rebel! Seems like that’s going out of style. Their LP is still one of my favorites, even though it only had a few songs. I think it’s on cd now.

  2. Randall BusTard says:

    Sounds like X, what with the cowpoke thrash and the Exene-styled vocal phrasing and slight falsetto. The singer is far better than Exene; however, as Exene’s whine was a bit much after a while.

  3. jimmy tumors says:

    thanks for the mention of the brat interview. just thought i’d direct you to some more recent footage (part of a doc we’re working on about east l.a.’s punk scene) of the brat performing the same song a couple of years ago at la mano press in lincoln heights:


    as evidenced, they can still raise a ruckus.

    -jimmy tumors

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