Secret Disco: Roller Boogie

Bisquit-Roller Boogie

I tried my best to resist the lure of this video which I was first introduced to through artist Porous Walker‘s Facebook page.
What is it exactly that I find so lovable about this song? Is it the synthy Hi-NRG beats, the hypnotic vocoder robot vocals, the infectious chord changes, the catchy chorus backed by samba shakers, the requisite hand claps, the unrelenting bass line, the melodic alarm clock beeps taken from a children’s cartoon all topped by a perfectly timed cowbell pop? Or is it the video itself with the Chrissy Snow dancers, so vapid and rhythmless (you can see them counting beats in their head) following a choreography that means absolutely nothing to them cause all they are smiling about is the cocaine they were promised after the video shoot? Did Cicciolina find her inspiration here? Xuxa?

What could top the blondies’ choreography of Roller Boogie? How about a bunch of Mexicans*? I don’t have too much info about this clip but I am fairly certain it comes from el otro lado. Funny, but the stiff lackluster boogieing this song seems to inspire fits it perfectly. Do androids dream of roller boogie?


*My apologies to all my Pinoy readers, this clip is actually from the Philippines!

One thought on “Secret Disco: Roller Boogie

  1. illegalquantity says:

    This video is only a funny cute clip for the song and it fits to each other. Those girls were different than todays. They were more natural, the music was pretty enough for feeling fine. Otherwise don’t believe everything that women says. ūüôā

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