Best of 2010 – BIPPP

This was one of my top listened to albums of 2010. It was released in 2008 but I’m always behind on these things. Below are three tracks from the album.

Deux – Game & Performance


You can be someone
If you grow with me
Your simple Song
Is something else
You simulated
your love for me
You can be someone
if you grow with me

You just need
Game and Performance
Your Life is a prospecting Company
Business Man
Yet you kill the Boss
Computers programs shadows in the Night.

More at the Deux website.

Comix – Touche Pas Mon Sexe

Marie Moor – Pretty Day

More on French New Wave at this website.

Another favorite from the album, Ruth’s Poloroid Roman Photo here.

Cold Wave

Guerre Froide – Demain Berlin

Guerre Froide – Ersatz

French Cold Wave circa 1981

A cold wave is expected to hit Los Angeles today and the chill is making it’s way through the cracks in my house.

A northern cold front is expected to move into the Los Angeles Basin early Tuesday, colliding with subtropical moisture that has been sitting off the Pacific coast for several days. Periods of intense rainfall through Wednesday will bring an additional 5 inches to coastal plains and valleys and up to 10 inches in the mountains, Meier said.

L.A. Times

Happy Birthday!

My father contemplating the takeover of Los Angeles.

Happy Birthday to my father who taught me the love of music, the joy of life and how to drive stick shift!

Ruben and the Jets

My father can be heard singing on this song with the band he was part of Ruben and the Jets. I need to upload the songs that feature his vocals like Dedicated to the One I Love. And yes, my parents were friends with Frank Zappa and I went to Moon Unit’s birthday party but I was just a baby and I don’t remember anything.

Favorite Song(s) of the Day: Falling Fruit

James Blake – Limit To Your Love

I just heard this song yesterday and I was like seriously, what just happened? When the dubstep bass kicks in at about a third of the way, it really does feel like some kind of an earthquake. It’s totally unexpected but in the best possible way. A rumble that matches the uneasiness of the lyrics, reminiscent of the tension that underlies all social relations causing them either to unravel or recombine in unexpected ways. Blake’s ability to fit in varying emotions into even the smallest bit of phrasing creates a song filled with all sorts of intensity, just the kinda thing one should expect from a good love song. Thanks to the producers who were careful with the construction of this track and didn’t make it a saccharine, everyday-ish ballad.


This song is verging on the cliché, the kinda declaration of universal love the hippies co-opted and ruined. The kinda cliché Crimethinc regurgitated from the texts of Situationists and Eduardo Galeano. Jape dodges cliché and instead, it finally feels like the real thing – the perfect antithesis to Blake’s Limit to Your Love’s “maps without oceans.” It’s about what’s beautiful in love and it’s possibilities for creating new worlds within the context of knowing deep down we are are all rather insignificant.
“We laid by the river, we looked at the stars. I said how tiny we are girl, how tiny we are…It feels like floating…”