Latin Playboy


I’ve driven down Cesar Chavez/Brooklyn Ave in East LA hundreds of times and always pause to take a look at this old bar. Something about the place intrigues me. Every year another letter falls.

6 thoughts on “Latin Playboy

  1. cindylu says:

    Damn. That bar looked pretty messed up when I was a kid. It’s off the corner of Gage and Cesar Chavez/Brooklyn, right? I became pretty familiar with that intersection when I was a kid because it was on the way to visit my grandparents.

    I wondered who would go in there. I never saw anyone enter or leave or loiter. That was probably related to the fact that most of the time I saw it was during daylight hours…

  2. Chimatli says:

    Yes, that’s the bar exactly! You know, I’ve never seen anyone in there either, nor do I remember it ever being open.
    I imagine it’s the kind of place where my great uncle would have been a regular. He was affectionately referred to in our family as a “wino.” ūüėČ Despite his drinking habits and his penchant for wasting the days away in Brooklyn Ave dives, he was always a sharp dresser in jacket and slacks and had slick Tres Flores coiffed hair.
    My favorite memory of him was during one of the last LA Street Scenes, Circle Jerks was getting ready to play and there amongst the multi-colored mohawks was my uncle coolly smoking a cigarette, chilling against a wall and watching the punks walk by.

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