The Lame Post

Old lamposts being devoured by nasturtium near Heritage Square, Lincoln Heights.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the relevancy of blogs as they seem to be decreasing in popularity from the blog frenzy of the past few years. The decrease is probably due to the amount of time needed to keep up consistent and quality posts and also due to social networking sites like Facebook. FB has definitely eating up most of my daily internet interactions and I constantly tell myself that my attention should be placed elsewhere but the lure of instant feedback along with the communal aspects of FB is strong.

Lately much of my non-computer related interests have been in the garden and as I’ve moved my computer near my garden window the siren song of the garden flora calls to me. Anyways, this is just a long roundabout musing on why my posts have decreased. It’s quite lame and sad when things get to this point but it’s predictable.