Favorite Video of the Week: Duranguense

Baile estilo Duranguense

It was very difficult to pick a video of the week this time around, too many to choose from! And yes I know, my blog depends heavily on Youtube references so it’s not like I’m limiting myself. Ultimately, I decided to go with this video of Duranguense* dancers (the male dancer in the pink shirt and matching boots was the clincher). Besides, I’m headed to Mexico next week, so might as well get in the mood. My grandfather was from Guanacevi, Durango, so you can say it’s part of my heritage but… not totally. The current craze of Duranguense music and dancing was started in Chicago by Mexican immigrants. I’d love to learn this dance but considering how horrible I was at my attempts at Quebradita (see example below), I doubt I’ll do much better with Duranguense.
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