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“Pinecone” Cheeseball I made a couple of weeks ago, recipe from Amy Sedaris.

Why hasn’t anyone come up with a common nickname for the computer? There’s the “net” for internet and “blog” for web-log but none for the ubiquitous piece of technology I am currently using. In Spanish, it’s worse. I always feel like I’m gonna say an offensive word. “Com-PUTA-dora, ” I carefully draw out the word, hesitant about where to put my emphasis. It was easier in Spain, where computers are called ordenadores. Another mouthful sure, but not one to get you in trouble. Wait, maybe there is a Spanish nickname for computer? I can’t recall.

Why do folks still care about what Nostradamus had to say? Was the dude ever right? How is it that his prophecies still hold some sway in our time? Is this how the bible started?

More stupid things to come…


6 Responses to “Stupid things I think about at work”

  • soledadenmasa Says:

    Mexican slang for some household appliances:

    televisión: la tele
    refrigerador: el refri
    computadora: la compu

  • Kevin Says:

    They did, it’s called “Mac”

  • rolo Says:

    I agree with soledad, i call the computer, compu. I have never heard any one call a pc, mac for short

  • human Says:

    nostradamus reader, n., plural -s:
    1. person looking to absolve their own lives of guilt by learning that all bad things were pre-determined.
    2. person, often who plays dungeons and dragons, looking for hope that supernatural prophecies are indeed possible.
    3. my friend from jr high who fit both 1 and 2 above.

  • Elyery Says:

    PC is short for computer unless it’s a Mac. In Spanish it’s also PC or Compu…

  • Chimatli Says:

    When I think of PC, I think of Windows for some reason (I’m a LINUX user) but you’re right I hadn’t thought of PC! Thanks! :)

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